1 Day Kampala City Tour/ 1-day Short Uganda safari tour

Overview of the 1 Day Kampala City Tour/ 1-day Short Uganda safari tour

1-day Kampala city tour


This 1-day short Uganda safari takes you around Uganda capital city and biggest commercial centre city Kampala. Kampala is Uganda’s capital city as well as the largest city in the country and just like Rome, Kampala was originally known as a city of 7 hills before expanding it. The original 7 that used to make Kampala are Makerere hill; where Makerere University is located, Kololo Hill; the colonial administrative hill, Rubaga Hill; home to Catholic church Cathedral, Namirembe Hill; the home to Anglican church Cathedral, Mengo Hill; Kabaka’s administration center, Mbuya Hill is home to the biggest army barracks and Kibuli Hill; the Islam center. This Kampala city tour gives a tourist the opportunity to navigate the major landmarks of this humble city experiencing the historical monuments that are behind the shaped destiny of this great nation. Our 1-day short Kampala city tour will give you an understanding of the Kampala City lifestyle, the hospitality and unique behaviors of Ugandan people, the culture, their traditions and history as well.

On this 1-day Kampala city tour, you will pay visit to the famous cultural, religious and historical sites including the; Uganda Museum, Kabaka’s Lake (biggest man-made lake in East Africa), Gadhafi National Mosque, Baha’i Temple (only temple of Baha’i Faith in Africa), Uganda martyr’s shrine, Kasubi tombs (a UNESCO world heritage site). If you want to visit all these destinations, expect to have a very hectic day. And if it’s a Friday, Saturday or Sunday you have the opportunity in the evening to experience a unique cultural entertainment of the main cultures of Uganda at the famous Ndere Cultural Centre.

Highlight of the 1 Day Kampala City Tour/ 1-day Short Uganda safari tour

You will start the day with a tour to the Buganda administration centre in Mengo, proceed to Kasubi tombs, visit the Namirembe cathedral, Rubaga cathedral, Kabaka’s lake, Gadaffi mosque, go to Bahai temple, Tour the Uganda museum and end with the Uganda martyrs’ shrine.

Detailed itinerary of the 1 Day Kampala City Tour/ 1-day Short Uganda safari tour

Wake up early and have your breakfast at your hotel, get prepared to set off for your journey at 8am after having a briefing from your guide about the day. You will start off with a visit to the Buganda Kingdom situated on Mengo hill; a Monarchy that presents a rich cultural heritage that Uganda proudly boasts over other Uganda safari destinations. You will then move to the Kasubi tombs on the Kasubi hill where the Buganda Kings are buried. From here you shall proceed to Namirembe cathedral; the oldest church and cathedral in Uganda that was built in March 1890 with great architecture and a magnificent interior decor. The most interesting thing about it is the graveyard which includes the remains of Bishop Hannington, who was murdered 1885, and the Cooks, who established Mengo Hospital. Then drive to Rubaga cathedral; the oldest Roman Catholic diocese in Uganda. From there you will drive to the Kabaka’s lake; the biggest manmade lake, Gadaffi mosque; sited on the old Kampala hill, it is the biggest mosque in Uganda built by late Colonel Gaddafi of Libya built the mosque as a gift to Uganda, and for the benefit of the Muslim population. From here you will get packed lunch in one of the restaurants in Kampala and go to Bahai temple; the first of its kind in the whole of Africa and during its time of construction, it was the tallest in East Africa with 38m tall, Tour the Uganda museum; a home of Uganda’s historical artifacts that represent the countries colorful past and end with the Uganda martyrs’ shrine Martyrs Shrines at Namugongo; a historical site where 22 Martyrs were set ablaze on the orders of a Buganda King for refusal to renounce Christianity. After the tour, you will be driven back to your hotel, refresh and rest.

End of your 1 Day Kampala City Tour/ 1-day Short Uganda safari tour