1 Day Kampala City Tour

1 Day Kampala City Tour

Kampala city is one of the famous African cities that have got rich heritage that can be encountered. The 1 Day Kampala city tour is a perfect excursion that is designed to bring out the real rewarding experience. The city which has transformed gradually since the coming of NRM government in power in 1986, Kampala now boasts of great buildings and heritage that is being keenly preserved. The stable atmosphere makes it ideal to explore this cosmopolitan city.
You will wake up for an early breakfast before embarking on the tour of Kampala in the company of a knowledgeable guide well-versed with the setting of Kampala.

The Uganda Martyrs Shrine


You will head to the Namugongo Martyrs Shrine to encounter the holy grounds where the Uganda Martyrs were mercilessly executed on the orders of Kabaka Mwanga. You will then proceed to Baha’i Temple which is the only temple of the Baha’i on the continent of Africa perched on tip of Kikaya hill with its magnificent architecture and lush gardens with very fresh air. The drive will see you get back to Kampala visiting the Uganda Museum on Kitante hill and continue with the drive heading to Parliament and exploring the commercial, government and diplomatic headquarters in the area along with modern hotels like Kampala Serena Hotel, Imperial Royale Hotel, Sheraton before continuing to drive through Makerere University the prestigious institution of higher learning in the south of Sahara, north of Limpompo, west of Indian Ocean and the east of Equatorial Jungle commonly known as the ivory tower.

Makerere University


You will then utilize your afternoon visiting the heritage sites of Buganda including the Kasubi tombs where the Kings are put to rest where you also have an opportunity to encounter the traditional Baganda ladies as they demonstrate the traditions food preparation methods and the mode of dressing. You can also dress up in a gomesi to appear like a traditional Muganda lady or put on a Kanzu to appear as a traditional Muganda Man. From there you will continue to Lubiri passing by Namirembe Cathedral the center of Anglican religious denomination in Uganda and Bulange building which is the parliament of Buganda Kingdom. The Lubiri which is the palace of the Kingdom of Buganda where you will have an opportunity to learn about the various traditions of the Baganda culture and also have an encounter with the Amin’s torture chambers which was used by Idi Amin to torture his suspected opponents during his blood dotted reign in Uganda. The mystery that surrounds these chambers demonstrates a true horrific nature of the Uganda’s past. Visit Rubaga Cathedral which is the center of the Catholic religious denomination in Uganda before continuing the drive to Gadhafi National Mosque at Old Kampala which is the headquarters for Muslim Faith in Uganda and the second largest Mosque in Africa. You will crown you day with a walk through the Owino Market which is the 2nd largest second hand clothing on Africa from where you will walk through the down town taxi parks and hike to the city center where you will get back the vehicle to get back to the lodge.