A one stop free resting place in Kampala; Centenary Park Kampala – Uganda safari News

A one stop free resting place in Kampala; Centenary Park Kampala – Uganda safari News

Are you on a Kampala city tour and you would like to rest somewhere? Are you tired of the piercing afternoon sun as you walk around town? Be certain that Kampala has many public where you can rest and have a snack as you watch the daily life of people in Kampala. While there, expect to see more people resting, kids playing and others taking a nap as they wait for the scotching sun to go down.

What is a park?

A park is a public is an area of natural, semi-natural or planted space set aside for human enjoyment and recreation. A park comprises of constructed structures including offices buildings, open halls, food courts/arenas, toys, fountains. Parks are designed for entertainment purpose, keeping in mind the needs of the visitors.

Centenary Park

Centenary Park is located one kilometer east from the city center just next to the Jinja Road roundabout neighboring Hotel Africana. Being located in the city makes it convenient for revelers, travelers, as well as families to access it without much hassle. Centenary park Kampala is situated This park has a green environment with small hide outs that indirectly impact the happiness of whoever goes there. It has variety of food restaurants, bars, and small clubs where people go to have fun.  There are also small gazetted gardens where people sit and relax as they enjoy the beautiful environment. It also has clean public toilets where people with natural call go to ease themselves.

Many Ugandans and foreigners are on Uganda safaris, on a tour in Kampala, moving out with their families flock the place to admire the magnificent scenery offered by the well-mown lawns, scenic flower rows and gardens punctuated by bars and restaurants. The developments have given the city a greener look and pride.

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