Luxury Accommodation

The luxury or upmarket accommodation is a top notch establishment with up-to date facilities, services and décor. It meets the expectations of all seasoned upmarket travellers and all the preferred facilities and services can be accessed with ease. The Menu is extensive, rooms are spacious, staff is well trained and highly set, the atmosphere is serene very comfortable and the hotel / lodge is endowed with a wide range of facilities.

Midrange Accommodation

This is in between luxury and budget accommodation establishments. The Midrange or the Standard accommodation option offers medium facilities and services. The rooms have to be self-contained with good beddings and décor. The Menu contains a range of items a bit higher than a budget lodge. The service staff poses average skills in customer handling and running of the establishment.

Budget Accommodation

The budget accommodation also referred to as the basic accommodation offers accommodation in basic units. The rooms may be self-contained while others may be non-self-contained. The accommodation pricing is always cheap while the menu is limited and the food quality is not expected to be very high. The service staff might sometimes be inadequate and lacking out on the degree of dexterity and skill.