Educational Attractions

Makerere University

This esteemed public University has held the mantle of Uganda and East Africa as an icon for tertiary training. Established in 1922 as a simple technical school, Makerere is Uganda’s second oldest institution after Katigondo seminary in Masaka. It has satisfactory education setting with its semi-autonomous collegiate system offering doctoral, graduate and under graduate programmes. Despite its educational repute, Makerere University is a safari destination of its own.
The rich heritage that is demonstrated by the colonial architectural buildings clearly brings out its test of time. Commonly denoted as the Ivory tower, it contains protruding buildings that escalate up to the sky such as the main building- also the main administration block and the Senate building which is the academic hub of Makerere University.

Makerere's main and senate buldings

It is also amazing to note that there is lush flora and host of fauna not forgetting variety of birds that roam with in the vicinity of this mighty institution. Plant species like Mahogany, Primates like monkeys; birds like Hadada-ibis, Marabou stork among others cannot be missed at Makerere University. This institution has fame arising from its research and innovation in the fields of Engineering, ICT, and Food processing and packaging. Advanced soft wares, the Kiira Electric Vehicle – an electric powered vehicle, plus the food incubation center are among the prime projects one would be proud to identify at Makerere University.
Considering its stature in the world of academics, Makerere University is recognized for having the biggest and the best library in the whole of East Africa with a wide range of collections from its own students, African writers and the global scene. The institution also contains a range of monuments, sculptures, works of art and paintings that describe it’s close to 100 years journey and the Uganda’s and Africa’s past in general. The zoology museum- the second museum in Uganda has enormous fossil collection, Margaret Trowel art gallery features a lot of African art, the replicas of great men like Kwameh Nkrummah, David Livingstone, Julius Nyerere, and Ssenteza Kajubi, the monuments like war victim, hatching a new generation have a lot of tales that you would wish to hear in your life time. Considering this, Makerere University can truly make your visit in Kampala city memorable.

The Bat display at the Makerere Univeristy Zoology Museum

Makerere counts among the Kampala’s seven hills thus offers rewarding scenic landscape. Climbing up to the top of Makerere hill gives one an opportunity to have a panoramic view of Kampala city.