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Driving around Kampala for the first time? You ought to know this! – Uganda safari News

Traveling to Africa for a self-drive Uganda safari around Kampala for a Kampala city tour or Kampala city day trip will give you the best Africa safari experience. Is it a 1 day Kampala city tour, 2 days Kampala city tour, or a 3 days Kampala city tour, Kampala will offer the best of Uganda’s culture as well as the daily life of people. Ugandans are generally friendly, intelligent and considerate people, but when it comes to driving and riding around Kampala, they are funny. Passing through Kampala in most cases becomes un avoidable for a person on a visit Uganda or on a short Uganda safari. Once you set your self-drive hired car on road, prepare for scuffle! In other words, welcome to Kampala!

Yes! Rules have been set for drivers using the roads in Uganda such as driving on the left, letting people cross on the cross walks however all these appear to be advisory only since they are frequently ignored.

As you drive, you will witness people on high ways claiming self-righteousness like “but it’s my right of way!” or “I got here first” even when they are in wrong. Caution: This usually happens and it is normal in Uganda!

Tips on how to prepare yourself for a self-drive safari in Uganda

  • Hire a bigger car! In Uganda, the bigger the vehicle, the better. “Big is Big”. Choose a 4×4 Land cruiser, 4X4 safari van, 4×4 minivan so you can battle well on the road.
  • Choose a car with guards in front for your 1 Day Kampala day trip. The presence of strong metallic guards in front of your vehicle helps intimidate other road users. This helps them show them you mean business! In other words, it scares them way.
  • If one flashes the lights for you, take caution! Flash lights mean “go ahead” or equally the opposite “I’m coming through” So be careful.
  • Someone can put a right hand indicator but meaning “I’m pulling off to the left, so you can overtake me” or occasionally, “I’m going to turn right.”
  • Beware of the traffic officers, because they normally wave a little red object at you, as they are particularly keen to greet foreigners.

You will notice that during a drive on your short Uganda safaris. One meaning completely contradicts the other and could easily result in a collision.

A brief about the different road users in Uganda


These are walking road users. There are normally road side pavers set for them to walk on along the roads however, instead of remaining in the narrow areas gazeted for them to use, they have an inconsiderate tendency to walk in the roadway instead, often getting in the way of vehicles. How do you get them from your way? – A sharp blast from the car horn is usually sufficient to scatter them out of your way.


Cyclists are also a nuisance but, being relatively small and slow moving, they can usually be forced out of your way, as you make your way through the city in air conditioned comfort. There are a lot of cyclists but, like pedestrians, they are neither important nor rich, so their needs can safely be ignored.

Motorbike taxis (Boda boda)

Boda bodas and their riders are very funny people. One boda boda can carry a whole simple family plus furniture, animals and household goods. Their riders comply with no rules or regulations be it the traffic lights. In fact, it is the frequently used means of transport for those interested in leaving Kampala as soon as. (running away from Jam)


Finally, a special mention must be made of the taxis (matatus). Taxis are the majority vehicles in the city’s and these are usually congested along the different streets. Taxi drivers too don’t respect the law as you will find them overloaded with passengers and other goods including sacks of food, chicken or goat, suitcases, mattresses, hooks of matoke, sacks of farm produce and a many other items crucial to African life. Be careful, they deal with any one that gets in their way roughly.

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