Exploring The Sights and Sounds of Kampala- Kabaka’s Lake

Location and history of the lake.

Kabaka’s lake or commonly referred to as “Nyanja ya kabaka” is located in Ndeeba Rubaga division just 5km from the city center and about 2 kilometers from the lubiri mengo and bulange mengo. Kabaka’s lake was constructed between 1886-1888 by the 52 clans of Buganda on orders of kabaka mwanga II. Kabaka’s lake is Kabaka Mwanga’s brain child as he had a vision was to create a water way that would easily take him to his palace in Munyonyo and it was also to act as an escape route that would lead the kabaka to Lake Victoria then he would take refuge in Buvuma islands in case of any attack from the imperial British army. Kabaka’s lake is probably one of the biggest and still standing man made features of the 19th century on the African continent. During its early days this lake stretched all the way from Ndeeba up to Najjanakumbi but as of today, it only remains to be seen in Ndeeba area alone. Kabaka Mwanga didn’t get to realise his vision come to pass because on 2nd of august 1888, religious wars between Anglicans, Catholics and Muslims alike broke out and this led to works on Kabaka Mwanga’s visionary lake to come to an abrupt halt due to these wars and also Kabaka Mwanga got exiled shortly after hence denying him of a chance to see to it that his vision is completed.

kabaka's lake 2

A Lake without an inlet.

Kabaka’s lake has got no tributaries to feed it water but the ingenious Baganda dug this lake following areas with natural underground springs of water hence its water is fed to it from underground sources and this explains why even during prolonged dry spells, this lake usually never experiences reduction in its water level.

Birding on Kabaka’s lake

Besides enjoying the ear-catching story of behind the formation of this lake and its cultural value to the local Baganda people, this lake also gives you a birder to have a highlight of what Uganda has to offer when it comes to Uganda birding safaris because this Lake is home to a wide variety of bird species.\

kabaka's lake

As of today, kabaka’s lake is one of the birding sites near Kampala city centre with a numerous wading bird species such as grey crown crested crane, open billed stock, sacred ibis, glossy ibis, black-headed herons, marabou stocks which acts as the bully on the lake, malachite kingfisher, pied kingfisher, long-tailed cormorants, this lake is a nesting colony of egrets who are the predominant bird species here and black-headed weaver birds. For birders who would love to view some of the bird species here, there are numerous locally operated canoes that ply the lake waters to give you the best view of these bird species.

Besides Kabaka’s lake, you can still visit several other sights around Kampala as you engage in a Kampala day trip. Some of these sights include a visit to the oldest tombs in east and central Africa Kasubi tombs, make a detour to the Namugongo martyrs shrine and listen to the religious history of this land, proceed to the oldest museum east Africa Uganda museum to fully understand Uganda’s political journey and the nation’s culture. Meet the hustle and bustle of Kampala with a visit to the old taxi park in Kampala to have an in-depth understanding of Uganda’s transport then slope to the Owino market and see how Uganda’s trade to earn a living or negotiate for the best bargain there is in town. Still while on this Kampala day tour, don’t miss out on visiting Bulange Mengo and Kabaka’s palace or Lubiri Mengo to further a more robust understanding of one of the oldest kingdoms on the plains of east and central Africa.

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