General Concerns

Major Concerns in Kampala

Health Concerns.

Health is a critical issue that one has to take in consideration of. Kampala as a city has a range of people and some of the places especially in the urban poor are very congested. The access to clean water is limited and the spring water serves as the main source of water in the slum areas as the tap water seems to be expensive to the people. When in Kampala thus you need to avoid taking water that is not bottled as it may be prone to contaminations thus causing dangerous diseases like Typhoid.

Be careful with food sold in such places

Also regarding health, there is a lot of street food in Kampala including fruits. It is very significant to first assess the hygiene of the vendor and the place its self not forgetting the food item that you may pick interest in. Established fruit parlors would be ideal so as to avoid contaminated street food. Viral diseases like Marburg and Ebola are sometimes reported in the country thus it is very important to take note of the communication and avoid the places that might be affected. However, kindly note that most of these diseases are confined in the slum areas and the rest of the city especially in the tourist areas and up class suburbs of Kampala hardly face such challenges. Note the health information in the Travel Information Manual for Uganda so as to take respective vaccination before making your way to Uganda. This would save you issues at the immigration entry offices at Entebbe International Airport and also contribute your safe stay in Uganda and Kampala in particular.

Security Concerns.

Though Kampala is considered among the safest cities in Africa, a consideration towards security is very important. The city like many other cities in the world has got criminal gangs who survive on stealing and fraud. During the day, one can be taken advantage by the wise conmen in town. Pick pocketing also exists in the day time thus vigilance is greatly recommended.
Carrying of valuable items in public and congested places when they are exposed is not advisable. These products are targeted by thieves who can easily grab them and run away.
During night time, kindly avoid dark places, narrow avenues and extreme corners. These are havens for criminal gangs and can do whatever it takes to take all property that you have ranging from your money to the precious phone and jewelry. Ensure that you travel in groups and if possible jump on a Boda boda. Kindly note that these night guys are very dangerous and they can even take your life if you attempt to resist their taking of your property.

Security Officers on duty in kampala

What to do: If you see that you are a bit close to other people, it is better to make an alarm. Though there is no guarantee that people might come to your rescue, the thugs might luckily ran away. It is also very important to alert the police. For example con men would try entering you into lucrative business deals, please do not accept to fall in trap, you alert the police before you proceed with any step. By mere seeing that you are intending to involve the security operatives they will definitely disappear.
Avoid things that might put you at cross roads with the security operatives themselves. Taking photos in an unauthorized places, carrying suspicious items, dressing like the terror groups and making assertions that are a threat to national security and other things that might draw public suspicion towards you might actually lead to your arrest until you prove innocent.