Kampala & Around Tour Package

Kampala & Around Tour Packages

Considering the range of attractions that Kampala city has within and the surrounding premises, the following tourist encounters can be undertaken and are structured as specialized trails and tours. The visitors can opt to explore some of part of these trails on foot and then driving on some parts. However, complete walking trails are also possible especially in the central business district.


1. Kampala Markets

Encountering Kampala Markets exposes you to diverse experience ranging from the different types of food stuffs sold, to the clothes, along with other items not forgetting their mode of display, the selling character of Ugandans and the business profusion in general.
The Kampala Markets tour takes to the famous St. Balikuddembe Market also known as Owino Marketin the down town Kampala, Nakasero Market known for plenty of fresh fruit, Kiseka Market and Usafi Markets in the down town, rising up to have another touch with the modern Wandegeya Market before proceeding to encounter the suburb markets of Nakulabye, Kalerwe and Nakawa.


2. Religious Trail

There are a range of religious centers in Kampala City and the neighboring Wakiso district. These Churches and houses of worship are central to the local and International community thus encountering them would definitely generate ultimate memories. The visitors can encounter the Gadhafi National Mosque and Kibuli Mosque for Muslims, Namirembe Cathedral and All Saints Church Nakasero for Anglicans, Rubaga Cathedral and Christ the King Church for Catholics, Baha’i Temple which is the only temple of the Baha’i faith on the African continent, the Shree Swami Narayan Temple and the Hindu Temple for the Indian based religions and the Rubaga Miracle Center, Synagogue Church of All Nations, Watoto Church, Light the World Church and Liberty Worship center International which is the biggest church in Uganda and in the region with the searing capacity of about 15,000 people.


3. Uganda Martyrs Trail

Uganda is worldly known for its heroic martyrs that offered to lose their lives for the sake of Christianity. The Kabaka Mwanga of Buganda perceived the converts as disobedient and thus he ordered ther prosecution if they fail to denounce the new religion. The Martyrs trails starts from Kigungu in Entebbe to Munyonyo, Nakivubo, Nakasero, Kasubi and eventually Namugongo. This involves various sites where the Uganda Martyrs were killed from and learning about the history of the mystery that surrounded their execution.

4. Mayors Trail

Kampala City has had a range of Mayors who have gradually transformed the city up to the current status. The Mayors trail will therefore expose you to various Mayors of Kampala, their places of residence when they were still in office and their respective offices.


5. Museum Trail

The Uganda’s ancient heritage is kept in its range of Museums. Undertaking a walk on the Museum’s trail would definitely generate ultimate safari memories.
The Museum trail begins at Old Kampala at the famous Fort Lugard Museum where Capt. Lugard made his camp while administering Uganda on behalf of Imperial British East African Company. The increase in artifacts required bigger space and the Makerere University Margaret Trowel School of Fine Art could not escape mention and it was from this that the Uganda museum was constructed on Kitante Hill in 1954 where it is located. The Ugandan Museum which dates far back in 1908 is the oldest in East Africa.


6. Central Business Trail

Kampala city has the central part which is known as Kampala Central Business District. The area has a lot of magnificent architectural buildings some of which are historical. Taking the Central Business trail exposes you to the old colonial buildings, new sky touching buildings with modern architecture, the parliament of the Republic of Uganda, the Independence Monument, the Kampala Capital City Authority Building where the mayor and the KCCA executive director seat, stretch to the Railway station and a general encounter with the business environment in the area.


7. The Kings Trail / Royal Mile:

The Royal Mile connects the Lubiri Palace and the Bulange Parliament all in the Kingdom of Buganda. The royal Mile presents a ceremonial drive or a walk to the palace that was built in 1922 and went through series of changes including being turned into an Army barracks and a horrific torture chamber during the reign of President Amin. The dark underground prison and torture section still exists in the palace up to today. You have an encounter with the an ancient traditional fire that has been burning since the inception of the Buganda Kingdom least the King is dead and the representation of various clans of Buganda each with its respective role in the Kingdom. Listening to the themed interpretation along with visual impressions is not only a leisure encounter but also a rich learning opportunity while in Uganda. Directly opposite the Lubiri palace gate is the gate for the Bulange Parliament where the King and his Ministers sit to deliberate the issues concerning the Kingdom of Buganda. Its magnificent architecture would definitely leave it a daring tour in this Kampala city.


8. Makerere University Historical Trail.

Encountering Makerere University the highest institution of learning that dates back to 1922 as a technical college is one of the remarkable tours to undertake while in Kampala. The University has gone through series of transformation from a humble technical school to the University of East Africa and to the current Makerere University boasting with its prizes as the mighty Ivory tower in the south of South Sahara, North of Limpompo, West of Indian Ocean and the East of Equatorial jungle rising above others as the epitome of knowledge, the summit of wisdom and the pinnacle of Intellectualism. During the walk in the University, you are exposed to its first buildings, the current magnificent structures including the Main building, the range of monuments that have got historical and educational significance, the impressive flora and fauna, hiking to the hill top offering impressive sceneries of Kampala city, visiting the biggest Library in the whole of East Africa and interacting with the students of this mighty tower.


9. Kampala Night Skies

Besides being a bustling city during day, Kampala City never goes to sleep. Listed as one of the safest cities at night in Africa, Kampala can be explored till dawn. Its range of Night dance clubs like Silk club, Ange Mystique, Ambiance, T1 among others, Cinemas and Casinos like Kampala Casino, Bars like Capital Pub in Kabalagala and “ladies of the night” i.e. prostitutes spread along the lucrative roads like Speke road and William Street and corners in the city combine to make Kampala worth exploring at Night. Taking a Kampala night skies tour is advisable that you have a group or a professional guide.


10. Kampala Cultural Sites Trail

There are a range of cultural sites in Kampala and its environs that can be explored by taking the Kampala cultural sites trail. The encounter takes you to Kasubi tombs where the Kings of Buganda are buried, to the Lubiri palace the governing center of the Kingdom of Buganda, to the Kabaka’s Lake which was an artificial lake dug by Kabaka Mwanga and his men with the interest connecting Lubiri with Lake Victoria, the Nagalabi coronation site where the Kings of Buganda are coroneted, the Uganda Museum, the Wamala tomb where the King Suuna II of Buganda lays in rest. The visit to the craft centers along Buganda road and the National Theater exposes you a range of Uganda art and craft including those beyond boarders. The day can be crowned by paying a visit to the Ndere Cultural Center to have an encounter with the cultures of Uganda and beyond.

11. The Seven Hills Tour

Kampala is perched on seven Hills thus exploring them is one the rewarding encounters to have while in Kampala. The hills include; Kasubi, Mengo, Kibuli, Lubaga, Namirembe, Nsambya and Old Kampala.


12. Uganda Presidents Trail

Uganda has had nine presidents including; Sir Edward Luwangula Walugembe Muteesa II, Dr. Apollo Milton Obote I, Field Marshall Idi Amin Dada, Yusuf Kironde Lule, Godfrey Lukongwa Binaisa, Apollo Milton Obote II, Gen. Tito Okello Lutwa and the current Gen. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. These presidents have had where thy stayed and their respective offices, thus encountering their heritage would be a rewarding activity to undertake in Kampala city.


13. Kampala Slum Tour

Kmapala has got slum areas with some groups of people living below the standard conditions. You can reach out to these slums and explore the lifestyle of the mode of livelihood of their residents. The most famous slum of Katanga close to Wandegeya suburb and from here you can stretch to Bwaise which is mostly affected by floods, and Nakulabye Kiwunya.