Kampala City Tour- 1 day Kampala city tour and 2 day Kampala city tours


Uganda’s capital city; Kampala, is famous for being a city that never sleeps among the cities in East Africa. It is positioned on seven hills that have a diversity of tourist attractions ranging from religious, cultural, historical and commercial attractions. Uganda’s precious beautiful city has grown and developed steadily over the years. It is characterized with warm hospitality that makes you feel at home. This 2-day Kampala city tour is mostly booked by tourists before or after they embark on a long Uganda safari tour.

The Kampala city tour gives tourists opportunity to traverse the major landmarks in this humble city of Uganda to experience the historical monuments that have shaped the destiny of Uganda. This Kampala city tour gives you an understanding of the Kampala City traditional lifestyle, the unique behaviors of Ugandan people, how they relate, the culture, the traditions and history.

Tour Highlights

Day 1

  • The Buganda Kingdom
  • The Kasubi tombs
  • Rubaga cathedral
  • Namirembe cathedral

Day 2

  • The Bahai Temple
  • The Uganda National Museum
  • The Uganda Martyrs Shrine
  • Cultural entertainment

Kampala City Tour Itinerary

Day 1: Visit Buganda Kingdom, Kasubi tombs, Rubaga cathedral and Namirembe cathedral

We start off the Kampala City Tour with a visit to Mengo where the Buganda main headquarters are situated to learn about the rich cultural heritage of Baganda. Baganda Kingdom has the biggest tribe in Uganda known as the Baganda tribe. Its history is very interesting as told by the tourists on Uganda cultural safaris.

The Kampala City Tour continues with a visit to the famous Kasubi tombs where the Buganda Kings are buried and learn about the interesting beliefs about what happens to Kings when they pass on.

We shall end the day with a visit to the Rubaga cathedral which is the oldest Roman Catholic diocese in Uganda. The towering house of God stands on top of one of the original seven hills that make up the city of Kampala. It is visible from all angles, especially in downtown Kampala. St Mary’s and Sacred Heart Cathedral Rubaga, is indeed a city landmark hardly missed by visitors coming to the Pearl of Africa.

Namirembe cathedral belongs to the church of Uganda. the cathedral is also known as St. Paul’s cathedral and sits on Namirembe hill. Namirembe hill is an original hill of the seven hills of Kampala. Namirembe cathedral is the oldest church and cathedral in Uganda that was built in March 1890 with great architecture and a magnificent interior decor. The name Namirembe is a Luganda word meaning “Peace”.

Day 2: Bahai Temple, National Museum crafts Village, Cultural entertainment

We start day 2 of the Kampala City Tour with a visit the Bahai Temple in Uganda which is the only one temple of its kind in the whole of Africa. It is characterized of beauty and a cool atmosphere around it.

You shall then proceed to visit the Uganda National Museum to have a look at the ethnological and natural-historical exhibitions that represent the country’s colorful past. Thereafter the guide will proceed to the Uganda Martyrs shrine Namugongo; a historical site where 22 Martyrs were set burnt on the orders of a Buganda King for refusal to renounce Christianity.

The Kampala City Tour concludes will conclude with a visit to the Normo art gallery crafts village. It is an exhibition ground for all kinds of African crafts perfect for souvenirs.

If it’s a Friday, Saturday or Sunday you will have an opportunity to experience a unique cultural entertainment of the main cultures of Uganda at the famous Ndere cultural Centre in the evenning.

End of your 2 days Kampala city tour