Shopping Malls

Kampala has a range of shopping malls where you can always go for shopping while undertaking Uganda safari including;

Quality Shopping Village.

This is located in Lubowa, 2km off Entebbe Road. The Quality Shopping Village is an expansive shopping center with a range of retails establishments including; banks, bookshops, boutiques, cosmetic shops, dry cleaners, estate agents, event companies, fabrics, foreign exchange bureaus, gift shops, hair salons, jewelry shops, kids shop, land surveyors, pharmacies, photocopying, photographic studio, shoe shops, telecommunication companies, bars, ice cream parlors, restaurants, tour and travel companies and health and wellness centers.


Acacia Shopping Mall.

This is located on Acacia Avenue Kisementi – Kololo P.O Box 2671, Kampala, Uganda. It is a new and luxurious mall in Kampala apparently. It commenced operations on 20th June 2014 and is covers 35,000 sq.m of land housing Nakumatt, Cafesserie, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Nawab, Eye Care Centre opticians, Cinema, Imperial Bank, Play area for Kids, restaurants among other resident shops catering for Bukoto, Kololo and Ntinda Areas.


Freedom City Shopping Center.

This is located on Plot 4010 Namasuba, Kampala- Entebbe Road offers an up class Business, Shopping, Meeting and Relaxing Environment which are housed under one roof. This gives it the slogan as the city of its own. The mall has an aero plane dome hall, plenty parking space, and network of escalators, panoramic lifts and relaxing voids.


Oasis – Nakumatt Shopping Mall.

This is located along Kitante Road Kampala Uganda and houses a range of businesses including tour and travel companies, restaurants, coffee shops, minimarket, decorations, kids clothing, out fitters, shoe shops, photo processing, telecom companies, book shops, boutiques, banks, bakeries, art galleries, computer accessories, electronics, jewelries, lamp shades among others.


Metroplex Shopping mall.

This is located on Plot 2112 along Spine Road Kiwatule – Naalya Kampala Uganda. Metroplex Shopping Mall can be easily accessed by Road. From Kisaasi / Ntinda on Nortern Bypass, it is on the left hand side of the road. Thus you can turn left at Kiwatule round - about towards Naalya before proceeding 200 meters past the Engen Petrol Station after which you take another left turn to join the private road leading to the south mall entrance.
Alternatively, if coming from Bweyogerere side (Bypass), you turn right at Kiwatule round about. You take a right turn at the roundabout of Kiwatule towards Naalya before proceeding 200meters past the Engen Petrol Station take left turn to enter the private road leading to the south entrance.


Garden City Mall

This is located along Yusuf Lule Road in Kampala – Uganda. Garden city sis an expansive shopping center with a range of items and retail outlets including; car accessories, banks, book shops, boutiques, butchers, clothing boutique, computers, departmental stores, digital cameras, dry cleaners, florists, foreign exchange bureaus, hair dressers and beauty, handicrafts, jewelers, kids clothing shop, mobile telephone repairs and sales, movie and DVD rentals, photo processing, play station games, sports shops, stationary, supermarkets, bars, casinos, cinemas, coffee shops, ice cream shops, restaurants, health clubs and tour and travel companies.

Shopping Arcades

Kampala has a range of shopping arcades that are scattered all over the city. Most of these arcades are located in the down town Kampala in the popular business centers of Kikuubo, Kisenyi among others.
These arcades have comprehensive commodities ranging from clothing to jewelry, accessories, among other items. Some of the shopping arcades in Kampala include the following;


Avema shopping center.

This is located along Kiyembe lane, Kampala – Uganda.


Mukwano arcade.

This is located opposite old taxi park in the down town Kampala.


Ham towers.

This is located along Makerere Hill Road and the junction of Gaddafi Road close to Wandegeya one of the booming parts of Kampala.



This is located in the down town Kikuubo close to old bus terminal Kampala.


Gazaland, Galiraaya and Grand corner arcades.

These are opposite old taxi park in the down town Kampala.


Haruna Towers.

There are two haruna towers in Kampala. The first one is located along Bombo Road Kubiri, Wandegeya Kampala while the second one is found in Ntinda.


More Shopping Malls

Pioneer Mall.

This is the first mall in Uganda and still stands in as awesome shopping center in the middle of the city. It is located amid Burton Street, Wilson Road and Johnston Street inhabited by shops dealing in cloths, jewelry, ceramics, art and design. It also has Antonio’s restaurant.


Mukwano Mall.

This is positioned in down town Kisenyi, Kampala. It is positioned on Kyaggwe Road opposite the new Taxi Park. The Mukwano Mall has the capacity of 400 shops, halls, offices, apartments and restaurants. The facility is owned by the Mukwano Group of Companies. Mukwano Mall has got three floors and over 250 parking spaces.


Ovino Shopping Mall.

Kampala. The mall is located in the down town and has a range of retail enterprises including; banks, restaurants, bakery, supermarket, garment shops, canteens, human health/medical clinics, internet cafe, general merchandise shops among others. The Ovino Mall has the parking capacity of 80 vehicles.