Transportation In Kampala

Transortation in and around Kamapala City

Kampala is over 40 Km by road from Entebbe International Airport, the main gateway to the country. This makes it closer to the air transport option. Kajjansi airstrip is also a few kilometers closer to Kampala on Entebbe Road. Entebbe Airport is serviced by a range of carriers ranging from Regional to International carriers including British Airways, Fly Emirates, Brussels Airways, South African Airways, and Kenya Airways among others.
Regarding ground transportation, Kampala has a network of links and nodes that enable various flow entities to connect to different areas. The most used surface means of transport is road as there is no passenger rail apparently.
Despite the awful traffic in the rush hours of the day especially in the morning and in the evening, there are a range of transport players that are willing to help you connect to your favorite spot. These include; public commuter taxis and buses, Special drives, Bodabodas both Motorcycle and Bicycle.

The old taxi park

There are two taxi parks that is New Taxi Park and old taxi park where a range of commuter taxis connecting to different places in Kampala and beyond are stationed. However, they have stages along the routes where passengers can always embark or disembark from. They are very affordable than any other means in Kampala.
Kampala city also have buses that offer public connection to various points within the city. These are more organized than commuter taxis however they are few in number thus competition for boarding is tight during rush hours. They are also affordable.

Boda boda riders in the city

Boda- bodas are the quickest option to transfer to your respective places in Kampala. They are able to manipulate the traffic and make their way through as fast as possible. However, they are prone to accidents. Bicycle Bodabodas are also available but very primitive and tend to take longer to connect to the respective areas though they are very cheap compared to any of the above.

Some of the cars available for special hire

Special hire taxis are also available in Kampala city. They are a bit expensive and are found all over the city including at the Entebbe Airport. Special hire taxis can do door to door pickup and delivery. They can even be hired for a whole day to assist you on your activities.
Self-drive is possible in Kampala city however you need to have a valid driving permit, vehicle card or any document showing ownership and to note that driving is on the left.