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Interested in a Uganda cultural safari on your Africa safari to Uganda! Now is the time to book for the best Uganda cultural tour in Uganda; the of Bayimba International Festival. The Bayimba International Festival of the Arts is undoubtedly Uganda’s number one festival. The Bayimba International Festival is a multiple-branched organization that focuses on uplifting arts and culture in Uganda through cultural exchange and creativity. Uplifting different arts and culture is called for because there are a wide range of ethnic groups in Uganda with many different languages spoken, namely Luganda (most common), English (only a small portion speak it), a little bit of Swahili and several other different languages.

All these cultures on this present their diverse cultural mosaic of music, art, and hand crafts to the culture and norms, to the rituals, that prove that Uganda’s culture is unmatched. A visit to each of these will introduce you to a completely different set of practices and beliefs.

Culture everywhere is described by dance and drama as the most components of cultural ceremonies along with songs and this is exactly what you can expect to witness on your cultural trip in Uganda. There are other ceremonies and passage rites like birth rites, marriage, and initiation which are held with high regard in the different cultures and may be different in many ways.

What happens at the Bayimba International Festival?

The four-day Bayimba International Festival of the Arts has become an important benchmark for the consumption of the finest Arts. Every first week of August, Lunkulu Island off the shores of Lake Victoria comes alive as a vibrant and eventful island when an unparalleled 24 hours and 4 days’ feast of Music, Dance, Poetry, Storytelling, Acrobatics, Theatre, Film, and Visual Arts from renowned and upcoming Artists is brought to Mukono District.

Since its first edition in 2008, a wide variety of known and upcoming Artists from Uganda, East Africa and beyond have performed at the different stages of the Bayimba International Festival of the Arts. The 12th edition of this acclaimed festival is scheduled to take place from 1st to 4th August 2019 at Lunkulu Island, Mukono, Uganda, bringing to life a true experience of the Arts in all its forms.

The Festival has truly become a highlight on Uganda’s social and cultural calendar and is also gradually developing into an important (East) African destination Festival, ensuring regional and international visitation and enhancing both national and international cultural tourism.

Last year, the festival featured more than 1 000 performing local and international artists on six stages. They included Jose Cahmeleon from Uganda, The Soil (South Africa),Swahili Ally  from Tanzania), Shamsi Music from Kenya, Shane Palko (US), Pseudopolis & Lewis Lowe (UK), Bolivar Mvulu (DRC/Netherlands) and Ancient Astronauts (Germany/Uganda/Kenya/DRC).

About Bayimba

Bayimba recognizes the relevance of arts and culture in social and economic development as well as individual human development. Its vision is a vibrant arts and culture sector that is professional, creative and viable and contributes to social and economic development in Uganda and East Africa. Bayimba is therefore dedicated to contribute to making Uganda a significant hub for arts and culture on the African continent and led by its values of respect, shared leadership, transparency, accountability, learning, and collaboration.

Various programmes and activities are delivered by the various Bayimba branches. These range from a series of Bayimba Festivals across the country, brought to you by Bayimba Foundation, some comprehensive arts education programme under the heading of the Bayimba Academy and a range of concerts and events as well as other products and services under Bayimba Productions Ltd.

Bayimba has also kick started a number of important initiatives, such as Culture Unlimited, a national network for the creative and cultural community, DOADOA as the regional platform for networking and joint learning for performing artists in East Africa. For more information, reference is made to the Annual Reports of Bayimba Foundation.

Location of Lunkulu Island

The festival will take place at Lunkulu Island on the shore of Lake Victoria off Mukono/Katosi road, 42 km from Kampala and 60 km from Jinja, and can be easily reached by road and can be accessed by boat.

Lunkulu Island
0°10’34.9″N 32°53’09.2″E
0.176358, 32.885882

How to get to Lunkulu

By own car

If coming by own car you are requested to travel through Nkokonjeru to join for the official festival parking area at Namaziina landing site from where you can cross to Lunkulu Island by footbridge.

Note that vehicles cannot access the island.

By private transport

Various private transport options from the airport as well as Kampala are available. You can cross to Lunkulu Island by boat from Kibanga port and landing site (drop off/KissAndDrive only)) or by foot bridge from Namaziina landing site.

Note that all drop offs and pickups at Kibanga Port and landing site will be allowed till 7 pm. No Boats will be allowed to Land or take off to Lunkulu after 7pm.

By public transport

Public transport from the Old Taxi park in Kampala using a taxi (matatu) cost about 5,000/= UGX to Kisoga town on Katosi road. From there one can use a boda boda ranging from between 3,000 – 5,000/= UGX to Kibanga port from where you can cross with a boat to Lunkulu Island.

From Mukono, you can take a taxi for 3,000/= UGX at the Mukono park located in Mukono town near Collin Hotel to get to Kisoga town on Katosi road. From there you can use a boda boda ranging from between 3000-500/= UGX to Kibanga port where you can cross with a boat to Lunkulu Island.

Visitors from outside Uganda

All visitors from outside Uganda require a Visa and Yellow Fever Card to enter Uganda for the Bayimba Fest, for a short Uganda safari, Uganda cultural safari, Kampala city tour, Jinja city tour or anything according to your Africa safari plan.


Uganda’s main airport is the Entebbe International airport which is directly served by a range of airlines.  Airport transfers are available and can be booked through Prime safaris & Tours Ltd. You may be interested in a self-drive safari in Uganda, or self-drive car hire Uganda tour as you go out to enjoy the Bayimba festival. Our fleet comprises of ordinary 4×4 land cruisers, 4×4 mini vans, 4×4 super custom, coasters, saloon cars, that move around Kampala. If you are continuing for a safari in Uganda; a short Uganda gorilla safari, a Uganda wildlife safari, a Uganda chimpanzee trekking safari, long Uganda wildlife safari, a short Uganda wildlife or anything depending on what you are interested in during your amazing Africa safaris.


There are various bus companies connecting to Uganda from across the region like Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda etc. A special festival tour package for visitors from Kenya is arranged in partnership with Picnic Entity


On-site camping

Camping is free for Full Festival Pass holders. It is advised you come with your tent and camping gear. If you do not have a tent, pre-pitched tents can be hired for all the festival days throughout your stay.

Only tents are allowed, there is no space for campers.

There will be no electricity but there will be mobile phone charging points.

There will be basic sanitary facilities.

Off-site accommodation

Those in need of other accommodation can check out on the different accommodations in Mukono for hotel options or other facilities nearby between 15 – 25 km.


Fee: UGX 71,000 Festival Full Pass, UGX 100,000 Camping (Early Bird tickets)

UGX 50,000 Festival Full Pass of 5 People each person (Early Bird tickets)

UGX 45,000 Festival Full Pass of 10 People each Person (Early Bird tickets)

UGX 30,000 One-day festival (Gate pass)

UGX 95,000 Full Festival pass, UGX 180,000 Camping (Gate pass)

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